Verification of Stratospheric Ozone: News

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24 May 2011: This MACC service has a new URL and offers new products

  • Please update your bookmarks: the primary URL of this MACC stratospheric ozone service is now This new URL will remain valid after the end of the current MACC project - i.e. after December 2011. The old URL ( will remain valid until that date.
  • This MACC service has always offered continuously updated time series of ozone analyses on constant pressure levels. This product is now also available for several other gaseous species which have an impact on stratospheric ozone. These time series are currently displayed separately for each Assimilation System: we are improving the visualization tool to provide easy comparison of the different systems on the same page. In the meantime it is still possible to compare several plots by opening several windows of your web browser.
  • The analyses at specific times have always been displayed on a global (plate carrée) projection. They will become shortly also available on polar stereographic projections. These new maps show separately the Northern and the Southern Hemisphere and allow a better visualization of the chemical composition in the polar regions.