CAMS NRT analyses

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These data files are derived from the original dataset archived at ECMWF; they are hosted at BIRA-IASB by permission, and can be downloaded from the FTP server at


The files contain the following data and useful attributes:


Name Description Data type Units
idate Date in the form yyyymmdd integer yyyymmdd
ut Valid Universal Time of day float decimal hours
longitude Longitude [0 to 359] float decimal degrees
latitude Latitude [-89.5 to 89.5] float decimal degrees
level model level number integer decimal degrees
ap ap for hybrid-p vertical grid,see VGRID_DESCRIPTION float Pa
bp bp for hybrid-p vertical grid,see VGRID_DESCRIPTION float Pa/Pa
p0 Surface Pressure float Pa
o3_vmr O3 gas-phase volume mixing ratio float m3/m3


Name Typical value Explanation
HGRID_DESCRIPTION regular lat-lon grid Human-readable description, including area coverage (currently only global)
VGRID_DESCRIPTION Staggered hybrid-p: p(lon,lat,1:nlev) = 0.5*(ap(1:nlev)+ap(2:nlev+1)) + 0.5*(bp(1:nlev)+bp(2:nlev+1))*p0(lon,lat) Human-readable description, including staggering status and formula to compute vertical coordinate (i.e. pressure)
MAIN_PROCESS ecmf_025_rd identify origin...
MAIN_LABEL g4e2_oper ... and stream