Evaluation of MACC Reanalysis: comparison with BASCOE reanalysis of MIPAS

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The main MACC REA product to consider for stratospheric composition is generated by the coupled model IFS-MOZART since 2003-01-01: this is experiment fbov. Here we evaluate these analyses by comparison with those generated by the BASCOE system. BASCOE is used as a reference because it was specifically designed for the stratosphere and its algorithm takes chemical interactions into account (multivariate assimilation). It assimilates vertical profiles delivered by Envisat-MIPAS, not only of ozone but also NO2, H2O, HNO3, CH4 and N2O.

  1. Reanalyses of ozone

    IFS-MOZART assimilates ozone observations made by many different instruments (SBUV, SCIAMACHY, GOME...). Of special importance here is the assimilation of MIPAS ozone profiles during the period 2003-01-27 to 2004-03-26. Hence we compare here two datasets created by different assimilation systems but on the basis of the same observations.

  2. Reanalyses of NOx (=NO+NO2)

    Among trace gases depleting stratospheric ozone, Nitrogen oxide (NO) is the most abundant to occur naturally. Its very short lifetime makes direct evaluation very difficult, so we focus instead on the longer-lived family NOx (=NO+NO2). While stratospheric NO2 was not assimilated by IFS-MOZART, it is one of the species assimilated by BASCOE during the MIPAS period.