Evaluation of MACC Reanalysis: comparison with BASCOE ozone reanalysis of MIPAS

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The figures below allow preliminary monitoring and evaluation of the MACC REAnalyses of stratospheric ozone by the coupled system IFS-MOZART using a comparison with the BASCOE analyses of Envisat-MIPAS level-2 data.

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MIP v4q30a
Relative difference
1 hPa
50 hPa
100 hPa

Discussion of the evaluation figures

A few remarks to keep in mind when interpreting the evaluation figures

  • We compare only analyses valid at 12h UT, so the differences do not capture disagreements in the amplitude of the diurnal cycle and may be due to different phases of this diurnal cycle. This is especially important in the upper stratosphere (1 hPa) where the diurnal cycle is large and depends on the season.
  • The BASCOE analyses can have larger errors than the MACC GRG analyses, especially in the lower stratosphere (100 hPa).
  • The BASCOE analyses are not independent, because MIPAS is assimilated by IFS-MOZART as well. As shown by the large differences at some pressure levels, and by the variations of these differences with time, this evaluation method is still efficient. This is due to the differences in physical and assimilation models, data filtering and assimilated MIPAS dataset (IFS-MOZART in the stratosphere: assimilates only retrievals of ozone but including total columns by other instruments than MIPAS; BASCOE: assimilates all MIPAS retrievals including 5 other species and no other instrument).